Monday, May 18, 2015

The pineapple diet to lose 5 kilos in 3 days

Who has never had a few extra pounds and the immediate need to get rid of them overlooking a special event features whose celebration is imminent? So much so that, at times, we overlook, wrongly or rightly, the recommendations of professionals and our focus and strive to regain our figure quickly and with little effort to attend certain events and developments in the most satisfactorily possible. Here comes the famous pineapple diet ...And how do we get our objective? For through diets, although they are not widely supported by the medical sector, help us to eliminate our excesses quickly but certainly not healthy and effective, ie for life.We have marked on the calendar dinners, galas, presentations and other important events, but nevertheless we realize it or we realize this when just missing days or even hours for your celebration. And that's when we press, almost without realizing it, the panic button. But peace because we know that miracles do not exist, but so what about the Express remedies.Are many, varied and widely known by most. They all have one thing in common: they all revolve around a natural diuretic product, such as apple, artichoke and pineapple. These diets have been developed around these foods are quite similar, because the guidelines to follow are almost identical as the ultimate goal: lose enough weight in a short period of time. And as they say in these cases, it is ideal to reach our target set.We are building in summer and therefore no output and take advantage of refreshing and seasonal products, we will crumble here what is and what is the pineapple diet, always natural, that will put us in line for three days. A record!What is the pineapple diet and why it helps you lose weight fastIt is a method of thinning based on a single product, in this case pineapple, whose results are achieved immediately, the effectiveness is reduced and its consequences can be negative.What does this mean?First, and as already we mentioned, the pineapple is a diuretic product and as such help us deshincharnos. For one, it will quickly, since its main mission is to eliminate fluid retention, but the other hand, we must be aware that it will momentarily. For once the pineapple diet and return to our normal diet, we will recover the lost weight since I removed was mostly liquid. So please, do not expect the miracle of quedaros compliance with those kilos less for life, because miracles do not exist.And secondly, even the pineapple is a very beneficial food for our health as it is a diuretic, aids digestion and contains vitamins, base our diet on a single product carries risks. The first and most important, lack of nutrients, proteins and minerals for our body which is very harmful to our health. So if we decide to make the pineapple diet we will sporadically and for a short period of time.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tips for making the switch to a natural diet and green

Perhaps the key part of making changes in your eating habits is the transition especially if you are unsure how or where to begin.The main thing is not it more complicated than you think it may be. Make small changes, one day at a time without impose any. The important thing is that is effortless and enjoy physical and mental 

To do so, please note the following tips:

Replaces one or two items from your regular diet to a vegetarian diet, one, two or even better three times a week.

If you need inspiration or collective support, you can start with the "Meatless Monday" or one day a week without meat. And if you need to browse recipes and ideas Plant site.

If you're not ready to replace animal proteins around, it starts to add other alternative protein and vegetables protein to your diet as tempeh, edamame, tofu, and seitan which will add texture, consistency, fiber, and lots of protein to your diet. For extra flavor, just marínalos in oil jonjolí, soy sauce, fish sauce, with herbs and spices.

If you like soups, miso soup with tofu and seaweed it is an ideal alternative.These proteins can also make delicious fillings for tortillas, fajitas; make meatballs and even veggie burgers.

Avoid frozen soy products and fermented chooses.Considers legumes for their high fiber, whole carbohydrates and proteins. Legumes, processed and cooked properly, provide the body with a powerful source of energy also helping to balance blood sugar and therefore helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Legumes, my favorite way to eat them is the hummus made from chickpeas. Simply tahini or sesame paste, olive oil, cayenne, fresh lemon juice, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

Another exquisite source of pulses, also one of my favorites are the French lentils, smaller than regular and easier to cook because they take less, and also with a more sophisticated taste.

Start your day with a delicious green smoothie with your favorite fruits and vegetables with a generous spoonful of spirulina and chlorophyll. You're starting your day with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. To sweeten your shakes uses natural sources of sugar as raw honey, dried dates, or organic maple syrup raw. Avoid yes, all, of the processed sugars. Tambiién can use coconut milk, almond or soy. Personally, I like my shakes add a spoonful of sour cocoa for an extra touch of flavor.

As of mid-afternoon snack, or even to add to your shakes, have to hand mantequlla almonds. Eat it alone or with fruit, sandwiches or on sprouted grain bread.

If you ate meat or animal products, learn where it comes from that meat, eggs, milk, etc. Make sure it is an organic, natural source, and does not in any way mistreat animals. For example, with eggs people generally believed that because the label says organic is sufficient. But also they should be raised freely and not tormented in a dark barn and no light, no possibilities to walk naturally loose.If you run out of time and there are options in the route, places, restaurants and restaurant chains that provide more humanitarian and healthy alternatives.

With regard to fish, it is an issue that has to be very careful because the fish raised in hatcheries has begun to be a contentious issue. Make sure that if you buy farmed, again, is sustainable and humane, or wild source but that the species is not in danger of extinction as is currently the case with cod. There are not only cruel but unhealthy farms and the end of the day what you're eating is no longer healthy portion of protein and essential fatty acids than you thought.

Extreme quick weight loss diets

Meal ReplacementOne of the ways to lose weight fast is the meal replacement diet. This is where a person replaces a meal with a diet product. Slim Fast and Mediafast are examples of this type of diet. Usually, shakes and bars are the types of things that must replace their meals in this type of diet.

Fruits and vegetables DietsThe lemonade diet, the grapefruit diet, diet watermelon and cabbage soup are fruits and vegetables in the diets. The fruit or vegetable is the main staple in the diet to lose weight. These weight loss diets, diet eating large amounts of staple food to lose weight.

Liquid dietThis is a weight loss diet drink. Diet Hollywood Scarsdale Diet and are examples of a liquid diet. A person can only have fluid in your body about the diet of Hollywood, and no solids are allowed. Hollywood diet is composed of a liquid diet should drink within 24 or 48 hours depending on the amount given. Your goal is to lose weight quickly in that amount of time. Also it supposed to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Diet pillsSome quick extreme weight loss diets require a person to take pills. These pills are generally known as fat burners. Also it supposed to increase metabolic rates of people and decrease your appetite. Usually it is recommended to diet pills that are taken with food and should not be used to replace meals.

Pros and consThe best professional diets for weight loss fast extreme is the claim that a person can lose weight quickly. Some people think that this is a professional people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. While it may be true that some diets of top weight loss can help a person lose weight quickly, there are some disadvantages, too. One is that most people regain all the weight back after stopping the diet to lose weight. On the other hand, it has been shown to often gain back even more weight than originally began. An individual has the risk of constipation, because there is a lack of fiber in your diet. People can also have malnutrition, dehydration and other health problems. For example, some people in these types of diets have problems with gallstones. Always consult your doctor before trying any weight loss program.

Matthew Fox: dieting murderer

"The truth is that did me good. I only recovered nine kilos of 18 lost weight because I want to stay that way." Matthew Fox (Abington, Pennsylvania, 1966) does not look much in the eye. Of course, what is speaking, he does up a storm. Despite his fame, founded by two television series Party of Five and, above all, Lost (ah, the good doctor Jack Shepard, who finished at the end style of The Resines Antonio Serrano), Fox did not just find its place in film. Now touted in the mind of the murderer, a lamentable thriller starring the detective Alex Cross, brainchild of writer James Patterson, who already gave life in film and now Morgan Freeman plays Tyler Perry. Fox is saved as a serial murderer seems the embodiment of evil on earth, without any hint of humanity. But Perry ... Perry needs a paragraph to himself.

Tyler Perry is the most famous and blockbuster in the US African American comedian. Since 2005 is the King Midas of comedy, but without any repercussions beyond its borders. His most popular character is Medea, a black woman-mother that summarizes all possible topics. So see Perry dressed as a man, doing hard, causing gnashing of teeth. Nobody made him jokes to Perry on the set of what was in front of a camera without trasvestirse? Fox smiles: "I just hope that people will see the film without being influenced by Perry's past ... and I do not care about their previous titles, but here was great, while giving pain, firmness and despair have not seen. never one of his comedies, I admit, is not my kind of films "... for a moment and then the real Fox, speaking from his own experience shows:" Today more than ever people pigeonholed We live radically.. in a world where despiezamos and packed in very tight boxes. And I do not. Because there are actors, musicians, artists generally valid in various fields and those who do not give a chance ". Do you feel this has happened to him, after gaining fame with Lost? "Maybe I would have happened if I'd stayed at home the last two years waiting for the phone to ring. But I rode three films of very different styles and sizes, in addition to other work. So no. I'm still looking for my opportunities."

We return to the film: "The weight loss was my idea, motivated by what I thought might be the philosophical construct that this murderer would make his body is so intense that it has even spent his own body thought also cause some discomfort.. the public. It was a challenge, and so I drew. In fact, why I act. It motivates me. In some films you want the audience to feel intensely something you communicate, and can be comical, dramatic ... Here I focused on discomfort, and I tried to get the audience feel both repulsion and attraction to the character. " Fox admits a curious addiction: is attracted to Psychokillers. "All my life I devoured information about real Psychokillers as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. Whenever I saw on TV an interview or a documentary about these criminals I could not look away, even I recognize a morbid side. I'm obsessed with discovering how They rationalized the atrocities they did or how they believed that those massacres were well or how embedded it in real life. When I got the script, I decided it was really real, not the style that exist only in the movies. So I bring you care complexity. Sometimes there is no reason in the past, no justifications serve to explain these behaviors. And probably we should not look for them. That's what scares us, right? ".

"My 15 year old daughter is seeing now 'Lost'. You know I do not have answers for everything, or that do know are all happy ..."After talking about how humans reinvent ourselves endlessly, about how difficult it is to know where it comes from or how you meet someone on the street is, Fox leads the conversation himself to the Lost series. "I'm avoiding any script that do not connect with me. I can not explain why I connect or not, but I feel it is unavoidable and threw me. Also if there deserted islands or missed flights [laughs]. Lost is now living new lives. My daughter teen-fifteen years is now seeing, because when it aired I was very young. The series deserves because it is fantastic, and the following generations will be discovered at the time. My daughter is very independent, so is watching his pace. You know I do not have answers for everything, or that do know are all happy ... Well, every teenager believes his father is not his friend. So imagine ".

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