Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matthew Fox: dieting murderer

"The truth is that did me good. I only recovered nine kilos of 18 lost weight because I want to stay that way." Matthew Fox (Abington, Pennsylvania, 1966) does not look much in the eye. Of course, what is speaking, he does up a storm. Despite his fame, founded by two television series Party of Five and, above all, Lost (ah, the good doctor Jack Shepard, who finished at the end style of The Resines Antonio Serrano), Fox did not just find its place in film. Now touted in the mind of the murderer, a lamentable thriller starring the detective Alex Cross, brainchild of writer James Patterson, who already gave life in film and now Morgan Freeman plays Tyler Perry. Fox is saved as a serial murderer seems the embodiment of evil on earth, without any hint of humanity. But Perry ... Perry needs a paragraph to himself.

Tyler Perry is the most famous and blockbuster in the US African American comedian. Since 2005 is the King Midas of comedy, but without any repercussions beyond its borders. His most popular character is Medea, a black woman-mother that summarizes all possible topics. So see Perry dressed as a man, doing hard, causing gnashing of teeth. Nobody made him jokes to Perry on the set of what was in front of a camera without trasvestirse? Fox smiles: "I just hope that people will see the film without being influenced by Perry's past ... and I do not care about their previous titles, but here was great, while giving pain, firmness and despair have not seen. never one of his comedies, I admit, is not my kind of films "... for a moment and then the real Fox, speaking from his own experience shows:" Today more than ever people pigeonholed We live radically.. in a world where despiezamos and packed in very tight boxes. And I do not. Because there are actors, musicians, artists generally valid in various fields and those who do not give a chance ". Do you feel this has happened to him, after gaining fame with Lost? "Maybe I would have happened if I'd stayed at home the last two years waiting for the phone to ring. But I rode three films of very different styles and sizes, in addition to other work. So no. I'm still looking for my opportunities."

We return to the film: "The weight loss was my idea, motivated by what I thought might be the philosophical construct that this murderer would make his body is so intense that it has even spent his own body thought also cause some discomfort.. the public. It was a challenge, and so I drew. In fact, why I act. It motivates me. In some films you want the audience to feel intensely something you communicate, and can be comical, dramatic ... Here I focused on discomfort, and I tried to get the audience feel both repulsion and attraction to the character. " Fox admits a curious addiction: is attracted to Psychokillers. "All my life I devoured information about real Psychokillers as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. Whenever I saw on TV an interview or a documentary about these criminals I could not look away, even I recognize a morbid side. I'm obsessed with discovering how They rationalized the atrocities they did or how they believed that those massacres were well or how embedded it in real life. When I got the script, I decided it was really real, not the style that exist only in the movies. So I bring you care complexity. Sometimes there is no reason in the past, no justifications serve to explain these behaviors. And probably we should not look for them. That's what scares us, right? ".

"My 15 year old daughter is seeing now 'Lost'. You know I do not have answers for everything, or that do know are all happy ..."After talking about how humans reinvent ourselves endlessly, about how difficult it is to know where it comes from or how you meet someone on the street is, Fox leads the conversation himself to the Lost series. "I'm avoiding any script that do not connect with me. I can not explain why I connect or not, but I feel it is unavoidable and threw me. Also if there deserted islands or missed flights [laughs]. Lost is now living new lives. My daughter teen-fifteen years is now seeing, because when it aired I was very young. The series deserves because it is fantastic, and the following generations will be discovered at the time. My daughter is very independent, so is watching his pace. You know I do not have answers for everything, or that do know are all happy ... Well, every teenager believes his father is not his friend. So imagine ".

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