Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tips for making the switch to a natural diet and green

Perhaps the key part of making changes in your eating habits is the transition especially if you are unsure how or where to begin.The main thing is not it more complicated than you think it may be. Make small changes, one day at a time without impose any. The important thing is that is effortless and enjoy physical and mental 

To do so, please note the following tips:

Replaces one or two items from your regular diet to a vegetarian diet, one, two or even better three times a week.

If you need inspiration or collective support, you can start with the "Meatless Monday" or one day a week without meat. And if you need to browse recipes and ideas Plant site.

If you're not ready to replace animal proteins around, it starts to add other alternative protein and vegetables protein to your diet as tempeh, edamame, tofu, and seitan which will add texture, consistency, fiber, and lots of protein to your diet. For extra flavor, just marínalos in oil jonjolí, soy sauce, fish sauce, with herbs and spices.

If you like soups, miso soup with tofu and seaweed it is an ideal alternative.These proteins can also make delicious fillings for tortillas, fajitas; make meatballs and even veggie burgers.

Avoid frozen soy products and fermented chooses.Considers legumes for their high fiber, whole carbohydrates and proteins. Legumes, processed and cooked properly, provide the body with a powerful source of energy also helping to balance blood sugar and therefore helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Legumes, my favorite way to eat them is the hummus made from chickpeas. Simply tahini or sesame paste, olive oil, cayenne, fresh lemon juice, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

Another exquisite source of pulses, also one of my favorites are the French lentils, smaller than regular and easier to cook because they take less, and also with a more sophisticated taste.

Start your day with a delicious green smoothie with your favorite fruits and vegetables with a generous spoonful of spirulina and chlorophyll. You're starting your day with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. To sweeten your shakes uses natural sources of sugar as raw honey, dried dates, or organic maple syrup raw. Avoid yes, all, of the processed sugars. Tambiién can use coconut milk, almond or soy. Personally, I like my shakes add a spoonful of sour cocoa for an extra touch of flavor.

As of mid-afternoon snack, or even to add to your shakes, have to hand mantequlla almonds. Eat it alone or with fruit, sandwiches or on sprouted grain bread.

If you ate meat or animal products, learn where it comes from that meat, eggs, milk, etc. Make sure it is an organic, natural source, and does not in any way mistreat animals. For example, with eggs people generally believed that because the label says organic is sufficient. But also they should be raised freely and not tormented in a dark barn and no light, no possibilities to walk naturally loose.If you run out of time and there are options in the route, places, restaurants and restaurant chains that provide more humanitarian and healthy alternatives.

With regard to fish, it is an issue that has to be very careful because the fish raised in hatcheries has begun to be a contentious issue. Make sure that if you buy farmed, again, is sustainable and humane, or wild source but that the species is not in danger of extinction as is currently the case with cod. There are not only cruel but unhealthy farms and the end of the day what you're eating is no longer healthy portion of protein and essential fatty acids than you thought.

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