Monday, May 18, 2015

The pineapple diet to lose 5 kilos in 3 days

Who has never had a few extra pounds and the immediate need to get rid of them overlooking a special event features whose celebration is imminent? So much so that, at times, we overlook, wrongly or rightly, the recommendations of professionals and our focus and strive to regain our figure quickly and with little effort to attend certain events and developments in the most satisfactorily possible. Here comes the famous pineapple diet ...And how do we get our objective? For through diets, although they are not widely supported by the medical sector, help us to eliminate our excesses quickly but certainly not healthy and effective, ie for life.We have marked on the calendar dinners, galas, presentations and other important events, but nevertheless we realize it or we realize this when just missing days or even hours for your celebration. And that's when we press, almost without realizing it, the panic button. But peace because we know that miracles do not exist, but so what about the Express remedies.Are many, varied and widely known by most. They all have one thing in common: they all revolve around a natural diuretic product, such as apple, artichoke and pineapple. These diets have been developed around these foods are quite similar, because the guidelines to follow are almost identical as the ultimate goal: lose enough weight in a short period of time. And as they say in these cases, it is ideal to reach our target set.We are building in summer and therefore no output and take advantage of refreshing and seasonal products, we will crumble here what is and what is the pineapple diet, always natural, that will put us in line for three days. A record!What is the pineapple diet and why it helps you lose weight fastIt is a method of thinning based on a single product, in this case pineapple, whose results are achieved immediately, the effectiveness is reduced and its consequences can be negative.What does this mean?First, and as already we mentioned, the pineapple is a diuretic product and as such help us deshincharnos. For one, it will quickly, since its main mission is to eliminate fluid retention, but the other hand, we must be aware that it will momentarily. For once the pineapple diet and return to our normal diet, we will recover the lost weight since I removed was mostly liquid. So please, do not expect the miracle of quedaros compliance with those kilos less for life, because miracles do not exist.And secondly, even the pineapple is a very beneficial food for our health as it is a diuretic, aids digestion and contains vitamins, base our diet on a single product carries risks. The first and most important, lack of nutrients, proteins and minerals for our body which is very harmful to our health. So if we decide to make the pineapple diet we will sporadically and for a short period of time.

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